Governor vetoes audit for costs of death penalty in Nevada

Sandoval's veto tally at 10 bills
By Ed Vogel
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Posted: Jun. 8, 2011

CARSON CITY -- As the Legislature was rushing to adjourn at 1 a.m. Tuesday, Gov. Brian Sandoval was doing what he has done with increasing regularity during the legislative session: vetoing bills.

Sandoval vetoed Assembly Bill 501, which would have required an audit on the costs of the death penalty ...


In vetoing the death penalty audit, Sandoval said he was not convinced it would be a fair audit.

"The bill, for example, lists the costs to be assessed in determining the overall fiscal impact of the imposition of the death penalty, but it does not specify how it is these costs will be assessed," the governor said.

Sandoval, a former state attorney general and federal judge, said that death row inmates make "individualized litigation choices" that drive up the costs of their cases.

Nearly 80 prisoners are on Nevada's death row in the Ely State Prison.

Almost all Republican legislators voted against the two bills.

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